Our Story

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, YSK Group® acts as an agent and/or distributor for foreign companies wishing to enter Turkish, Turkic countries, Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern markets or expand their operations into these markets.

We support our principals and clients from lead generation to aftersales technical support through our highly experienced commercial and technical staff. Our team’s experience includes but is not limited to, Marine, Mining, Metallurgy and Energy industries.

Our mission is to provide unique, customised commercial & technical solutions to our clients and principals.

At YSK Group® we believe that every transaction with our clients is a unique project delivery and that stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management are among the most important criteria for successful project deliveries. YSK Group® sole objective of keeping our clients happy and our engaged team is dedicated to achieving this goal for all our key stakeholders.

YSK Group® is led by the principles of value-based management and our core values are Humility, Integrity, Resilience and Respect for others.


We are an organisation with great collective skills, knowledge and experience. Yet, we recognise that personal and professional growth does not have a limit. We are humble in our knowledge that we may not immediately have the solutions to meet our clients’ needs in every situation, however, we are committed and will do whatever it takes to reach positive outcomes and meet their needs. We know that on such occasions the learning journey will also contribute to our development as individuals and as an organisation.


We know that an organisation worth is only as strong as its ability to follow through on its commitments. We take on clients with the understanding that we can help them meet their goals and are dedicated to transparency in all dealings with them and the pursuit of their objectives.


We recognise the road to meeting our clients’ goals may not always be straightforward or without challenges. We are a flexible and adaptable organisation that seeks creative solutions when difficulties arise. We do not give up or become discouraged in the face of setbacks, instead we recognise them as a challenge to overcome and a chance to learn.

Respect for others

We believe that our business will function at its best when run on the basis of mutual respect and a search for common understanding between all stakeholders. Both YSK Group® and its clients will benefit from mutual respect and openness in achieving our shared goals. We also value, respect and trust our team to be the best people to help satisfy our customers’ needs. Crucially, we demonstrate respect for the potential customers of our clients and the people and organisations in Turkey crucial to meeting their goals.